Competition for Exchange Studies at Partner Countries | VDU Žemės ūkio akademija

Competition for Exchange Studies at Partner Countries

Students are invited to participate in a competition for one semester exchange studies at non-EU/EEA countries with Erasmus+ or VMU Mobility scholarship.

Students have to submit completed online application form (Application form for non-EU exchange studies (bilateral and Erasmus+ exchange)) until 18th of October, 2020.

Selection criteria:

  • compatibility between the plan for studies or research at the Higher Education Institution abroad and the study programme at VMU;
  • motivation;
  • results of studies or research during the last two semesters (for VMU Mobility scholarship GPA should be no less than 8.0);
  • good knowledge of the language in which lectures will be taught.

Selected students will receive Erasmus+ or VMU Mobility scholarship.

Students will be personally informed via email about the results of first selection stage and invitation to second stage – interview.

Please note that possibility to go for exchange studies will depend on global situation of COVID-19 pandemic.

More information

Students who wants to visit International Cooperation Department for consultation should contact the coordinator first and agree the time of the visit.