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Resources of Open Access Biosystem engineering, biomass energy and water engineering

No. Facility Technical characteristics The main areas of application
Laboratory of progresive crop engineering
1 CO2 gas concentration in the soil meter „Honold G200-X“ Temperature range: 5 – 40 °C media temperature, 0 – 45 °C ambient temperature.
Data storage Capacity up to 50 records, consisting of values of sampling
volume and flow, gas sensor data, starting time, duration, status and information on additional functions. Description: Infrared-gas sensor module for measuring 0.1-50 %vol. carbon dioxide.
The Honold G200-X is a unique measurement device for measure the CO2concentration in the soil.
2 Air pycnometer The instrument has a measuring range of 0-115 cm3. The time period of the measurement is approximately 1 minute. The measuring accuracy equals 1%. Description: The vacuum air pycnometer has been designed to determine porosity and density of solid material. The pycnometer has been designed to determine porosity and density of soil samples.
3 Field inspection vane tester Field inspection vane tester, standard set for measurement up to 160 kPa to a depth of 10 m. The field inspection vane tester can be used to determine the maximum shearing force that can be exercised on a soil. Measurement in the field (on the surface, in profile pits or at the bottom of bore holes) as well as in the laboratory (on samples) are possible.
4 The penetrologger Penetrologger, standard set for measurement to a depth of 80 cm
Depth resolution 1 cm.
Force resolution 1 N
The penetrologger is a versatile instrument for in situ measurement of the resistance to penetration of the soil.
5 Soil moisture meter Soil moisture measurement range 0-5 cm.
Soil moisture resolution 1%
Soil moisture sensor is connected to the communication port, the soil moisture percentage, are saved in the internal logger of
the penetrologger.
6 Electronics dynamometers „Dynafor LLXh 25“ Measurement range
0-25 t.
Memory: up to 1000 individual measurements.
DYNAFOR LLXh devices are load indicators to measure tensile forces.
7 Hand-held vane anemometer and pressure measuring device for differential pressure Rotating vane anemometer; measurement range from 10 m/s to 50 m/s.
The difference pressure measurements (Pitot tube) in the range from 0 mbar to 20 mbar.
Instruments used to measure air velocity, moisture and differential pressure.
Equipment is used for ventilation systems research in production of agricultural products
8 Disk grain mill-crusher „Lacotec-Wader“ MM200/4E Plate-shaped disks with wavy surface.
Machine has two crushing stages.
The ability to access the degree of crushing, when 80% of broken material consists of particles up to 2 mm in size.
It is possible to control revolutions of shafts and pulleys.
Possibility to change the space between the shafts (disks)
Crushing productivity of machine is 15 t•h-1 of maize grains
The device is applied for investigation of various bulk agricultural products crushing processes.
9 Laboratory machine for grain separation from vegetative part „Wintersteiger LD 350“ Universal wheat, corn, canola, legumes, grass seed thresher with the primary cleaning.
Threshing drum diameter of 300 mm.
Stepless threshing drum speed control range from 300 min-1 to 1300 min-1.
Adjustment of air flow rate for primary grain cleaning.
The machine is equipped with an 8 threshing concave (exchangeable) with.
The device is designed for investigation of processes in cereal ears threshing and separation from the chaff.
10 Digital speed measurement device (tachometer) Linear speed measurement in the range from 0,1 to 10,000 meters per minute
Rotational speed is measured in the range from 6 to 100 000 min-1
Device is used for measuring linear and rotational speed.
12 Laboratory shaker with set of sieves „Haver Ekl 450“ Three-dimensional sieving, self-selecting of sieving amplitude.
Programmable control: 10 sieving programs.
Timer: 0-99 min. or a continuous, 3,000 pulses per minute.
Maximum amplitude: 1,5 mm, the maximum sieving load: 15 kg, weight: 100 kg.
Shredded wood waste and coarse-energy plants, such as willows, stems chaff sieving and quality measurement
13 Plant stems shredder „Laimet HP 21“ Shredder uses tractor engine power: 80-120 kW, rotational speed changes from 540 min-1; to 1000 min-1.
Crushed chaff particles average length of 20-30 mm.
Shredder crushes energy crops and wood waste stems  which diameter is more than 140 mm.
Crusher is used for crushing wood waste and coarse-energy plants, such as willows, poplars and other plants, stems, which chaff is used for energy purposes.
14 Force measuring machine for small loads „INSTRON 5960“ (+ /-5 kN force sensor.
Measurement accuracy of + / -0.5% to 1/500 of the scale.
A single-phase voltage: 220V.
Material tensile, compressive, stretch, peeling, bend, tear, and other research. It is dedicated to agricultural production and soil particle physical-mechanical properties research.
15 Test Equipment for Testing Field Sprayers and sprayers for wine-growing, fruit-culture and hop-culture Part 1. Stand for garden sprinkler to measure sprayed liquid vertical distribution: Stand made of: vertical 3 m tall stainless steel part which collects dispersed liquid droplets and electronic data processing module
Vertical distribution of sprayed liquid is measured every 10 cm to 3 m in height.
Liquid that comes from trays, thought hoses goes to electronic data processing module, which contains equipment to collect it.
The measurement data from the electronic module to the computer is transferred by radio waves.
According to the measurements it is possible to calculate the actual amount of liquid sprayed l / min
Protocol provides data of at least 2 measurements ( before and after adjustment)
Part 2. A device to measure the productivity of individual nozzles:
The device is compiled from a special liquid flow sensor, a portable tray with two straps and a curved tube fluid leak and the Y – adapter with a connector to measure pressure at the nozzle.
The device measures at least 7 l/min nozzle productivity.
Has the ability to measure the productivity of separate nozzles l/min., pressure at the nozzle and overall productivity l/min.
Part 3. The introduced Test box will check on volume streams from 7.5-6500 l/min under pressure from 0-10 bars and in position high pressure from 7.5-300 l/min under pressure till max. 40 bars. The admission for the volume stream is a measure turbine. The checking of the manometers is done by an electronical pressure sensor with an integrated adapter system. The field of measurement of the pressure sensor goes from 0-60 bar, overpressure security till 120 bars. The supply of the test box at the pressure side is done by FIXLOCK-connection NW 32.
Part 1. Equipment to measure the vertical distribution of sprayers for wine-growing, fruit-culture and hop-culture
Part 2. Nozzle-Flowrate-Measuring Device
Part 3. Combi-Testbox for volume stream testing and manometer testingPart 2. Nozzle-Flowrate-Measuring Device
Part 3. Combi-Testbox for volume stream testing and manometer testing
16 Mobile soil electrical conductivity test unit „Veris“ Mobile machine is coupled to the tractor.
Machines working speed is up to 15 km∙h-1.
On the frame of the machine is mounted system, which measures soil electrical conductivity (mS∙m-1) to 20 cm depth.
Machine can measure carbon amount in the soil by VIS +NIR spectrophotometer, which working depth in soil is maximum 70 mm.
The machine has device which measures soil pH.
Device is designed for testing soil properties under field conditions: electrical conductivity, soil acidity (pH) and organic matter amount measurement.
17 High speed video camera „Photron“ The camera record to 10000 frames per second (fps). A high speed camera can record split second phenomenon at high frame rates, and then replays the images as slow motion movie.
18 Agricultural machinery automatic steering gear GPS / GLONASS antenna signal reception ready for RTK correction of at least 10 Hz.
Machines driving device is electric and integrated within the steering.
With the automatic steering device, it is possible to achieve not lower than 2 cm steering precision.
The base station adapted for GPS / GLONASS GSM / GPRS / UHF signals.
Installed software.
The device adapted various self-propelled agricultural machines for automatic driving.
Laboratory of geomatics
19 Hyperspectral imaging system Themis Vision Systems LLC hyperspectral camera VNIR400H (Bay St. Louis, MO, USA). Highly sensitive VNIR spectrometer  capable of covering the spectral range of 400–1000 nm with a sampling interval of 0.6 nm, producing 955 spectral bands. Image resolution1,392 × 1,000 pixel. Themis HyperVisual and Envi software for hiperspectral images processing. Application fields: environment, bio-medicine, material science, agriculture, food safety, forestry, etc.
20 System of aerial photography EnsoMosaic aerial imaging system.
Sub – system: Flightplan software, Flight control hardware and software, camera mount, camera, oreantation sensor.
Image processing
Sub-System: software EnsoMosaic, RapidCal for camera calibration, RapidToolbox, RapidSeamline.
Espa systems software for 3D image visualization and analysis.
Application fields: environment, agriculture, forestry, plantations, mining etc.
21 Processing of data from laser scanning system TerraScan, TerraModeler, TerraPhoto ir TerraMatch software. Software for airborne and mobile LiDAR and image processing Application fields: environment, agriculture, forestry, plantations, mining etc.
22 Object-based image processing system eCognition Developer and Server software. This is a powerful development environment for object-based image analysis. eCognition imports a
variety of geospatial data,
such as raster images,
LiDAR point clouds, GIS
vectors, radar and even
hyperspectral data, fusing
them together into a
rich stack of geodata for
Application fields: environment, agriculture, forestry, plantations, mining etc.
Laboratory of structures and building materials
23 Equipment for technical state of agricultural and hydraulic engineering structures testing Equipment consist of three portable instruments for measuring of processes of buildings thermal exchange and eight portable instruments for testing of technical state of concrete and reinforced concrete structures. Testing of buildings heat loss;

Estimation of structure surface temperature;

Estimation of heat transfer through barriers;

Estimation of location of rebars and measurement of concrete cover;

Corrosion analysis of rebars in reinforced concrete

Crack depth and surface velocity measurement of reinforced concrete structures;

Crack width and change measurement in structure;

Measurement of anchor strengths in construction materials

24 Equipment for building materials testing Equipment consist of three testing machines, seven instruments for testing concrete and mortar mixture, seven instruments for testing hardened concrete and mortar and one instrument for testing longevity of building materials Estimation of strength of building materials;

Estimation of materials longevity;

Estimation of concrete resistance to abrasion;

Estimation of concrete water impermeability;

Estimation of elastic modulus of concrete;

Estimation of shrinkage deformations of mortar;

Estimation of amount of air in concrete mixture;

Estimation of density of concrete mixture;

Estimation of consistency of concrete mixture;

Estimation of slump of self-compacting mortar.

25 Equipment for facility innovations of agricultural buildings and geofiltration safety of hydraulic engineering structures testing The equipment consist of 11 instruments Measurement of thermal, humidity and strength properties of base;

Estimation of humidity of powdery materials;

Estimation of density of powdery materials;

Estimation of porosity of powdery materials;

Estimation of resistance to abrasion of powdery materials;

Estimation of granulometry of powdery materials;
Estimation of water permeability of powdery materials;

Estimation of filtration coefficient of powdery materials;

Estimation of plasticity and fluidity of ground.

Laboratory of aquatic ecosystems
26 Water level sensor Model “XI” (Seba Hydrometric) Water level registration in water bodies
27 Water level sensor with data logger Model “XI Surfloat 2” (Seba Hydrometric) Water level registration in water bodies
28 Water sampler from different depth Special device for water sampling from different depth Taking water probes from different depth
29 Bathometer Model “PWS.436300” (KC-Denmark) Sediment sampling from different depth of water body
30 Bottom substrate sampler Model 15.200 (KC-Denmark) Lake or river bottom substrate sampling
31 Bottom substrate sampler Model 19.600 (KC-Denmark) Lake or river bottom substrate sampling
32 Ekman device Model 30.000, 12000 (KC-Denmark). Supplement device using together with devices 4,5,6)
33 Mobile Doppler ultrasound device Model “StreamPro” (ADCP” RDI Instruments, USA). Stream velocity and discharge measurements at crossection
34 Set of bathymetric instruments Model: “EA400SP” with “TB-19” (Kongsberg Maritime, Norway); 8515, F5, including boat and transporting device. Water depth measurements and visual inspection of water body bottom substrate
35 Generator of “Deg Nano bubbles” and injection into water Model: “ABS”, ” (Dynaflow Ine, USA), ” MNB generator” (Riverforest Corparation, USA) For saturation with Nano bubbles of water and other nonaggressive solutions.
36 CO2 analyser Model: “Oxiguard CO2 Portable” (Oxiguard International AlS, Denmark). Direct estimation of soluble CO2 in water
37 Current meter Model “Fl” (Seba Hydrometrie, Germany). Measurement of water velocity in rivers and streams
38 Acoustic water velocity meter Model “Aquaprofiler-M-PRO” (Seba Hydrometrie, Vokietija). Measurement of water velocity in rivers and streams
39 Portable calorimeter Model “Maxidirect” (Tintometer, Germany). Water quality sampling.
40 17 parameter multizond for water quality sampling Model “KLL-Q MPS K16” (Seba Hydrometrie, Germany). Water quality sampling.  Estimating 17 water quality papametaers
41 Beat type well-boring device Model ,,05.07″ (Eijkelkamp, The Netherlands). For taking of undisturbed soil samples
42 Spectrophotometer Model “P-15(TI00)” (PG Instruments, GB),
Model “ECO 16” (VELP Scientifica, Italy)
Model “HD98569” (Delta OHM S.r.L., Italy)
Portable Spectrophotometer for water sampling
43 TDR type soil moisture sampler with data logger Model “TDR Trase system 6050xl” (Soilmoisture, USA). Soil moisture registration in different depth (up to 1.2 m)
44 Soil moisture extraction device Model: “VacuPorter, SPE20, SK20, SIC20” (VMS, Germany). Device destination: extracting soil water samples from unsaturated soil zone for feather laboratory analysis
45 Portable pH meter Model “CR-I0 ph/mV/T” (Denver Instruments, Germany) Simple portable device for operative estimation of pH in field conditions.
46 Double systems Portable pH meter Model ,,250 ph/mVrr/cond.lISE” (Denver Instruments, Germany). Simple portable device for operative estimation of pH, mV, temperature and specific conductivity etc.  in field conditions.
47 Soil moisture, conductivity and temperature measurement with data logger. Model “DL6, SM200” (Delta-T, GB). Soil moisture, conductivity and temperature measurement at surface and deep layers of soil.
48 Portable water level sensor with data logger Model: “MDS Dipper TEC, MDS Dipper 3” (Seba Hydrometric, Germany). Water level recording
49 Video diagnostic device for drainage pipes Model: “VIS 2000 PRO” (Wohler Messgearte Kehrgerate GmbH, Germany). Visual inspection of drainage pipes.
Thermal energetic processes and emission laboratory
50 Laser NH3 gas analyzer with air sampling equipments The minimum limit of the measurement of NH3 – 0 ppm to less than 100 ppm. Measuring deviations less than 3%. Measurement conditions – measurement of gas temperature from 0 ° C to at least +40 °C. Operating mode: automatic (continuous or cyclic measurement data accumulation). Measuring principle –  laser spectroscopy. Description: Ammonia gas  concentration measuring principle – laser spectroscopy. Gas concentrations the same time can be measured at 2 points. Air sampling is used Ecoma equipment, where 10 liters sample bag is filled for 5-30 min. The air sampling over the various flat solid and liquid surface is used the hoods. Determine the NH3gas concentration in the air.
Using special stands can be investigate the processes of ammonia emissions from organic waste, to create methods and tools to reduce ammonia emissions.
51 The chamber of modeling environmental conditions Climatic chamber volume is 600 liters, the temperature adjustment range of heating or cooling mode – from -40 ºC to +180 ºC; temperature control limits the climatic mode from – +10º C to +95 ºC, humidity adjustment range – from 10% to 95%. Vacuum drying oven volume is 100 liters, the temperature control range – from +35 ºC to +200 ºC, created vacuum depth in the chamber – 45 mbar. Modified air chamber temperature control range – from 30 ºC to +50 ºC, the inner chamber volume – 200 liters, carbon dioxide adjustment range – from 0,3% to 20%. CO2 concentration is determined by infrared spectroscopy. Description: The equipment suite consists: the climatic chamber, vacuum drying oven, modified air chamber (CO2 concentration in the environment regulates the incubator). The modeling of environmental conditions, the researching of crop production, manure and other biomass characteristics
and the going heat-mass transfer  during the storage.Biomass drying processes.The research of vitality and oxidation processes intensity in the stored plant production.
52 The wind tunnel Wind tunnel length of 6.0 m, a diameter of 0.40 m. Description: In it adjusting the air flow over the source of the emissions, analysis of gas emission processes from biodegradable materials. Studies of gas emission processes of biodegradable materials and the use of different materials for cleaning the air of gaseous pollutants
53 Equipment for research of microclimate Temperature measurement range of-100 … + 900 ° C, humidity of 0-100%; air velocity of 0-20 m / s. There is a possibility of storing data. Description: ALMEMO systems are used to measure the air temperature and relative humidity, velocity, the heat flow through the wall. Research of microclimate  in storehouses, barns, etc. buildings and analyze of heat and mass transfer processes
Machinery, technological systems and processes of automatic control laboratory
54 System of automatic control of energy processes System of automatic control of energy processes is intended for automation and research of various industrial processes. The specific sensors are used for control (Unitronics). Automation of energy objects;
Measurements of various indicators;
Scientific and industry research.
55 Complex system of physical units measurements Equipment with various sensors and software for physical measurements (Almemo). Intended for autonomous physical units measurements and data logging;
Software allows to perform measurements remotely;
Possibility to perform calibration of other devices.
56 Hybrid system of renewable energy research and visualisation Equipment of thermal solar energy conversion and photoelectric modules investigation, stand of energy parameters investigation of wind power plant Intended for vacuum and flat plate solar collectors investigation and inspection of efficiency; efficiency investigation of low power generators of  wind power plants
57 Equipment of controlling hydraulic/electrohydraulic systems For diagnostics of hydraulic systems is used mobile hydraulic tester „WebTech“; specialised software is used for electrohydraulic systems diagnostic.
Equipment can be used in mobile machines and for diagnostics of other industrial devices hydraulic systems
Diagnostics of hydraulic systems;
Investigation of mobile machines and other industrial hydraulic devices
58 Stand of tractor‘s exploitation indicators Investigations are performed by mobile power measurement stand, fuel consumption, velocity and acceleration measuring devices Determination of engine power, fuel consumption, driving velocity, acceleration, braking intensity, power for pulling the working machine.
Equipment can be applied in agriculture, forestry, road construction and
Laboratory of technology safety
59 Dual-channel sound level meter B&K 2270 Dual-channel, hand-held sound level meter and frequency analyzer with PULSE software. More - Measurements of environmental, occupational and industrial noise.
60 Sound level meter B&K 2250 Single-channel hand-held frequency analyzer and sound level meter. More - Measurements of environmental, occupational and industrial noise.
61 Portable human vibration analyzer B&K 4447 Measures and displays vibration acceleration (X, Y and Z axis) and logs RMS, MTVV, VDV and peak vibration acceleration values with a 1 second interval. More- Measurements of vibration exposure to hand-arm and whole-body and risk assessment according to EU Directive 2002/44/EC
62 NARDA Broadband Field Meter NBM-550 Measurements of electricity strength from 0,01 V/m to 100 kV/m in electromagnetic fields (frequency from 100 kHz to 6 MHz) Measurements of electromagnetic fields in environment, occupational and industrial environments
63 Fluke 983 Particle Counter Particle counter of 6 sizes (0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0, 10.0 μm) Measurements in environmental, occupational and industrial application areas
64 Gas analyzer GASMET DX 4030 Portable FTIR gas analyzer for CO, N2O, NO2, NO, C6H6, HCOH, C6H5OH and etc. concentrations Measurements in environmental and occupational environments
65 Microclimate meter Testo 445 Measurement of temperature, relative humidity, air velocity and indoor air quality (CO and CO2). Measurement tasks for environmental, occupational and industrial applications
Synthesis gas, second generation liquid biofuels and bio-hydrogen laboratory
66 Gas chromatograph with a mass spectrometer GC programmable thermostat Temperature up to 450 C and one-analytical method is carried out at least eight temperature gradient carpet. GC cooled from 450 ° C to 50 ° C for no longer than 3 minutes. Quadrupole type mass selective detector with electronic ionization. Setting the mass range of a minimum width of 5 amu to 1200 amu. Available with NIST mass library. Mass stability equal to or better than + / – 0.1 m / z within 2 days The investigation of qualitative parameters of biofuel and other biomass processes.
Biodysel, bioethanol and biological lubricants laboratory
67 Inductively coupled plasma (ICP) emission spectrometer The device is equipped with an Echelle-type cage and the CCD (Charge Coupled Devizes) type detector. The one-piece optical system isolated and purged. The system scans the plasma and torch along and perpendicular to the spectrum in the range of torches from 160 nm to 900 nm. Equipped with a solid state RF generator, operating in 40 MHz. The generator operates at the optimal 800-1500 W power range with 1 W step. The investigation of qualitative parameters of biofuel and other biomass processes.
68 High-performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) The device, equipped with a Refractive Index detector, two-channel gradient pump. The light source is a xenon lamp. Interval (RIU) at narrower than 1.00 to 1.75. Noise does not exceed ± 2.5 x 10-9 RIU, drift less than ± 2 x 10-7 RIU / h / ° C.
The flow range of not less than 0.01 to 10.0 ml / min, reproducibility equal to or better than 0.3% RSD at 1ml/min water flow and pressure of 1000 psi. The pressure range of not less than 0 to 6000 psi. Eluent composition of accuracy deviation should be less than 0.2%.
The investigation of qualitative parameters of biofuel and other biomass processes.
69 Fuel elemental CHNS / O analyzer C, H, N, S and O element analyzer acting classical Pregl-Dumas method.
Items separation is accomplished by frontal chromatography. The device, equipped with a 50 position autosampler. The analyzer designed for liquid and solid organic objects up to 500 mg weight. Analyzer accuracy of better than 0.3%, repeatability of better than 0.3%.
Analytical detection range of the analyzer expressed as milligrams of each element equal to or better than: C 0.001 to 3.5, N 0001-5.5, S 0001-2.0, H 0.001 to 1.0 o 0.001 to 2.0.
C, H, N, S and O element analysis.
Laboratory of biomass treatment, logistics and solid fuel processes
70 Calorimeter IKA 2000 The device for solid and liquid, non-explosive materials to determine calorific value. Accuracy of 0.2 MJ / kg. Purpose of solid and liquid, non-explosive materials calorific value determination.
71 Non-invasive flowmeter Pipe diameter 12…50 mm; temperature range -40…+125°C; accuracy < 1%; sensitivity 0,0003 m/s; RS-485 port + 0/4…20 mA + pulse outputs. Purpose – to measure the coolant flow of energy equipment and heating systems
heating and ventilation systems analysis energy loss zones, upgrading to assess the results .
72 Insulating material of thermal conductivity meter Insulating material of thermal conductivity meter (λ-meter): range 0,1…8,0 mK/W; conductivity range 0,005…0,5 W/mK; Measurement of thermal conductivity the insulation, construction and other materials.
73 Furnace testing of biofuel emissions The equipment suite consists: sulfur detection equipment, equipment of volatile matter and ash determination, drying oven the samples preparation.
Equipment of sulfur determination: test firing temperature 1350°C, oxygen flow rate meter range of  80 … 800 ml/min., maximum furnace power of 2.1 … 2.2kW.
Equipment of ash and volatiles determination: the maximum process temperature of 1100°C, chamber dimensions 180x125x300 mm, V = 6.75dm3, flow measuring ranges up to 80 l/min, the maximum power of 2.9 kW heater.
Solid particles in the environment to determine their distribution by size 1-10 range.
Drying oven the samples preparation: the chamber at temperatures of +40 … 200°C, the temperature accuracy of ± 0.5°C, chamber volume is 70 liters.
Determine  the solid fuel characterization of sulfur, volatile matter, ash content and composition.
74 Versatile multi-channel digital recorder Channels 12-channel universal analog + 12 digital channels (RS-485), web server function of the CF memory card up to 4GB, color touch screen, climate monitoring sensor kit (24 pieces). For research data collection, analysis
75 Portable gas chromatograph pollution research VOYAGER Fotojonizacinio detector (PID), energy of 10.6 eV lamp, working range of 10 … 100 ppm benzene, the minimum detection limit of 5 … 50 ppb depending on the determined gas. Gas chromatograph for gaseous emissions measured in the wild
76 Drying processes and heat rational use of technology, work and living environment test equipment kit Thermal imaging cameras, air or other coolant to flow meters and thermo-anemometer between 0.1 m / s to 50 m / s.
Temperature and air relative humidity and pressure measurement sensors, autonomous and secondary data storage devices measuring range: 5% to 98% and
(-30 … +100) ° C, insulation thermal conductivity meter (λ-meter) range of 0.1 … 8.0 mK / W; conductivity range of 0.005 … 0.5 W / mK;
Equipment for heat and air flow measurement technologies, heating and ventilation systems and processes termo – energetic investigation and control.
Thermal energy, building technology and evaluation of energy efficiency.
Biogas laboratory
77 Automated laboratory biogas digester The equipment consists of three stages anaerobic digesters and control system To perform batch and continuous biogas production analysis of selected feedstock for biogas
78 Biogas analyser Portable biogas composition analyser BMK5K Intended for biogas composition analysis (CH4 – 0-100 %, CO2 – 0-100 %, O2 – 0-21 %, H2S – 0-10000 ppm)
Laboratory of biological waste and by-products usage
79 Automatic fractional distillation unit The fractionation of liquids with different boiling  temperatures using distillation method. Description: Operating the largest volume of less than 1000 ml. Optional minimum capacity of not more than 50ml. Speaker for not less than 210 degrees maximum temperature. The column is made of borosilicate glass. The plates are made of Teflon. Built-in thermocouple to measure the temperature of the vapor. Speaker maintains no less than 0.1 mPa vacuum. On the plate remains no more than 1 ml of liquid evaporate political groups up 8 places.