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Institute of power and transport machinery engineering


Power and transport machinery engineering institute was established in 2012 after connecting a part of Mechanical department to the former department of Transport and power machines. Thus, the history of the Institute associates with the Tractors and automobiles department established in 1947.

For the institute’s staff the last five-year period was meaningful in both methodological and scientific aspects: seven doctoral dissertations were defended, over the twenty scientific articles in the international editions with the citation indexes were published; a new technical solution in Lithuania and the United States was patented.

Today four professors, four associated professors, five lecturers, two scientific workers, six studies and the research attendances are employed at the institute. The scientific research provide nine doctorates at the institute.

The institute cooperates with the Latvian Agricultural University, Riga Technical University, Tallinn Technical University, Tartu University, Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia, Warmia and Mazury University in Olsztyn, Szczecin Maritime Academy, Hamburg-Harburg Technical University, Tbilisi R. Dvali Machine Mechanics Institute, Georgian Technical University, Moldavian Scientific Academy of Applied Physics, Institute of Metal Polymers Systems at Belarussian Scientific Academy, Georgia University of Technology, Moscow State Technical University, Kaunas Technology, Vilnius Gediminas Technical, Klaipeda and others national and foreign universities.

At present, the scientific research in terms of: “Mobile machines for smart technologies”, “Improving of Energetic and Ecological Parameters of the Mobile Technique” and “Tribology Processes in Mechanical and Mechatronic Systems” are conducted at the institute.

Prof. Stasys Slavinskas and assoc. prof. A. Janulevičius are the Members of the Joint Doctoral Studies Committee in the field of Technological Science, the course of Transport Engineering. Prof. J.Padgurskas and prof. V.Jankauskas are the Members of the Joint Doctoral Studies Committee in the field of Technological Science, the course of Mechanical Engineering.

The institute of Power and Transport Machinery Engineering possesses the Scientific laboratory for Automatic control of technological systems and processes and Tribology, Materials science, Mechatronics, Internal Combustion Engine research, Machines service Science and Studies laboratories.