Admission to PhD studies

Agriculture Academy of Vytautas Magnus University offers doctoral studies in 8 fields of research in natural, social, technological and agricultural sciences.

Application for admission to doctoral studies will be carried just online (see in table dates of receipt of documents)

Research Area Research field Dates of receipt of documents
Natural sciences Ecology and Environmental Science 2019-07-01 – 2019-08-23
Technological sciences Environmental Engineering 2019-06-04 – 2019-06-25
Environmental Engineering (EU) 2019-09-09 – 2019-09-20
Mechanical Engineering 2019-06-04 – 2019-06-25
Transport Engineering 2019-06-21  – 2019-06-27
Agricultural sciences Agronomy 2019-06-03 – 2019-08-30
Forestry 2019-06-03 – 2019-08-30
Social sciences Economy 2019 07 01 – 2019 08 30
Management 2019-07-01 – 2019-08-30

The application for participation in the admission to doctoral studies and scanned copies of the necessary documents are provided online online registration.

The application will be registered, when will be filled all necessary parts of Admission to doctoral studies online system

The application is considered not to be registered if all the necessary documents or information is not provided.

Social Sciences

Admission to the Economics Ph.D. Program

Admission to the Management Ph.D. Program

Natural Sciences

Admission to the Ecology and Environmental Science Ph.D. Program

Technological Sciences

Admission to the Environmental Engineering Ph.D. Program

Admission to the Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Program

Admission to the Transport Engineering Ph.D. Program

Agricultural Sciences

Admission to the Agronomy Ph.D. Program

Admission to the Forestry Ph.D. Program

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