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Aquaculture center

VMU Agriculture Academy Aquaculture center in 2015 founded in closed recirculating systems complex (Fish breeding and Fish farming lab) gained analytical research equipment.

Central equipment are used for university undergraduate study program “Fisheries and aquaculture technology.”

VMU AA Aquaculture center aims – to ensure the fisheries sector education and training in the development of new teaching methods and means of improving fisheries and aquaculture technology research and study base here to concentrate on the material and human resources necessary to carry out fishery direction of university studies and research.

A fish breeding and fish farming recirculating systems laboratory, equipped with modern facilities, where you can explore a variety of fish breeding, farming and water quality parameters (nitrogen, dissolved oxygen, water temperature, pH, etc.). Optimization issues.


  • Participates in the fisheries and aquaculture sector and related activities, and coordinates the university’s participation in them.
  • Develops and fosters VMU AA  Aquaculture aquaculture and fisheries technology research and study base and human resources.
  • Provides services, knowledge and knowledge-intensive products in the fisheries and aquaculture sector participants.
  • Contributes to recovery of fish stocks, conservation and enhancement.
  • Provides customized research and other works, publishes scientific and popular scientific articles, reports, etc. work.
  • Participants fisheries specialist studies, training, seminars and conferences.
  • Develops, adapts and promotes new technologies for the production of aquaculture, participate in exhibitions.
  • Cherish fishing contributes to the control of fishing activities and fisheries development.


  • Consulting and closed recirculation systems installation and operation issues;
  • Training in the fisheries sector workers and those who want to install a closed recirculation systems;
  • Fish production and processing, fish feed making technology improvements;
  • Fish products have been used in various fields of search;
  • Different species of fish incubation, optimal growth mode tests.


  • We accept advance orders for various incubation of fish (trout, pike, sturgeon, whitefish, etc.).
  • We do training (work with the closed recirculation systems);
  • We prepare projects;
  • We carry out water testing;
  • We prepare the hardware.


Aquaculture Center
Universiteto str. 10, Akademija,
LT-53341 Kaunas distr., Lithuania
Ph. +370 614 25 057


Head of VMU AA Aquaculture center
Alvydas Žibas
Ph. +370 614 25 057