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Research Priorities

Science and Research Priorities at VMU AA

1. Biosystems Engineering and Bioeconomy

  • Plant and Animal Bio-potential, Agrobiotechnologies
  • Food Safety and Security; Bio-based Raw Materials for Industry
  • Sustainable Forestry and Timber Harvesting Systems
  • Biomass Engineering and Renewable Energy Resources
  • Sustainable Water Resources and Aquaculture Systems
  • Green Tribology and Nanotechnologies
  • Innovative Agricultural and Transport Technologies

2. Sustainability of Agro-, Forest and Water Ecosystems, Impact of Climate Change

  • Sustainable Bioresources
  • Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change Impact on Ecosystems
  • Agricultural Waste Management
  • Sustainable Land, Forest and Water Technologies; Sustainable Resource Management

3. Quality of Living Environment and Rural Development

  • Common Agricultural Policy
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Management of Agricultural and Rural Business, Resources and Innovations
  • Creating Environment for Wellbeing and a Healthy Lifestyle