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Track Record

Founded in 1924, VMU Agriculture Academy  is a state institution of higher education and research. VMU AA’s employs 635 educational and research staff that provide education to 4200 undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as delivering novel research related to managing Lithuania social-ecological landscape. VMU AA’s educational and research programs have been collaboratively created to meet the needs of various private and public stakeholders. VMU AA is the leading university in Lithuania awarding PhD, MSc and BSc degree’s in the fields of agriculture and sustainable use of natural resources, bio-energy and bio-systems engineering, climate change, crop production and food sciences, forestry, water and land resources management (Figure 1).

Dealing with sustainable management of natural resources which have no borders, our aim is to be a global leader in the sustainable use of resources by creating and applying smart innovative technologies for business. We consider the core business of the VMU AA community is to create and disseminate scientific knowledge, by developing quality research, educational programs and business solutions that focus on sustainable social-ecological landscapes. A testament to our commitment over the last five years, is our involvement in many local and international projects and >100 international published scientific papers related to climate change.

Our success as university is built on the initiation and maintenance of strong partnerships with local, regional and international stakeholders at various levels. This enables us to collaborate with both public and private sectors to design, adapt and deliver innovative education, research, and business products that support the sustainable development of both rural and urban land use.

Currently the VMU AA’s main campus contains more than 40 auditoriums, 42 classrooms, over 100 laboratories, experimental stations, training farms set on 420ha. However, in 2019 VMU AA’s core business capacity as educational and research institution will expand through the Lithuanian Government’s higher education reforms. ASU will be consolidated with (Vytautas Magnus University) VMU, this will result in a strong university with broader but focused scope and potential.