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Patent LT2013037 (A). Ždankus Narimantas Titas, Ždankus Tadas, Punys Petras. LT2013037 (A) ― 2014-10-27.
The invention relates to the field of energy production. Shallow river flow kinetic energy conversion method is based on the hydraulic engine element dynamic interaction with the flow of water. Energy is taken from flow through the surface, on which is placed a tape moving at a lower rate than the speed of flow and energy is converted to mechanical energy of scroll bar motion. Mobile water plant consists of a cylindrical housing, which rotates on an axis. Cylindrical body is surrounded by a working band, which has artificial anisotropic roughness elements. To inner rotating cylindrical body wall are mounted electric generator inductor coils and the anchor of the coil attached to a stationary shaft. A cylindrical housing at both ends is closed with discs, inside of it is the frequency converter and bearings and seals are placed at the ends. Electrical wires are pushed through a hole in axis. Two brackets with the holes at the ends are mounted on mentioned axis. Rope is pushed through mentioned holes for fixing plant to poles. Power plant floating in the water flow on the surfacewith no contact with the river bottom and the coast.

Patent LT2013028 (A). Bložė Vladas, Punys Petras. LT2013028 (A) ― 2014-10-27. RUNNING WATER POWER PLANT WITH PENDULUM BLADES.
The invention relates to devices that change water flow energy into mechanical or electrical energy. Modular type water turbine has a housing, in which the power plant module comprises of one turbine with a blade, where through joints and are swivel combined with four connecting rods and  mounted on axles and, which are fixed onto carrier plates, and float, fixed in upper power plant housing part. To the connecting rods and through the joints swivel connected the end of the blade and to the connecting rods and through joints swivel connected other part of the blade. Blade coupling distance between joints of the connecting rods and and joints of connecting rods and are the distance between center of the axles and. Power plant units are connected to an electrical generator through the single rod, mechanical gear and the planetary gear.

Patent LT6099 (B). Šarauskis Eigidijus, Sakalauskas Antanas, Vaitauskienė Kristina, Vaiciukevičius Edvardas, Kačinas Giedrius. Patent LT6099 (B). 2014-10-27. Technological equipment of strip-till and sowing.
The invention is related to the area of agricultural engineering and can be used for growing wide row plants in strips. It is preventing working parts from clogging by plant residues, solving environmental problems, reducing energy input. Strip-tillage and sowing technological equipment consist of the frame with attached to it plant residue disc row cleaners, forged coulter, loosening disc plate with trimmed blade, shoe coulter for seedbed formation, seed hopper, seed dosing device, plate for seed strewing, and seed pressing roller. Disc cleaner of equipment is cleaning plant residues from the surface of cultivated soil strip, shoe coulter loosens strip deeply, and the disc plates with trimmed blade shallowly. According to agrotechnical requirements of plant growing, shoe coulter forms seedbed in the loosened soil of the strip, dosing device sows the seeds, after that seeds are strewed by plates and pressed by roller.

Patent LT6069 (B). Raila Jonas Algirdas, Zvicevičius Egidijus, Novošinskas Henrikas, Čiplienė Aušra. Patent LT6069 (B). 2014-09-25. METHOD OF DRYING AGENT PREPARATION UTILISING ENERGY OF SOLAR RADIATION AND CEVICE FOR ITS IMPLEMENTATION.
The invention relates to a sphere of thermal engineering that addresses to drying technology problems. The invention aims to ensure uninterrupted preparation of drying agent during drying process while utilising solar energy ant to reduce variation in the agent parameters. This goal is achieved when solar radiation heats the air flow, which is directed to the agent preparation chamber, then the drying agent is prepared by mixing heated air flow with ambient air, at the same time solar radiation heats liquid and it accumulates heat energy in tanks or the liquid releases heat to the air flow, when solar radiation energy diminishes or vanishes. The goal is implemented in a device, which includes a transparent film, solar energy collector, an air heater, drying agent preparation chamber, air flow system for directing it to the agent preparation chamber and also for the agents flow creation and directing it towards a dryer, a liquid heater, a tank with liquid for heat storage and liquid-to-air heat transfer system, equipped with a controller, which actuates the system when solar radiation energy diminishes or vanishes.

Patent LT5620 (B). Sirvydas Algimantas Povilas, Kerpauskas Paulius, Čingienė Rasa, Sabienė Nomeda, Vasinauskienė Regina, Staniulienė Rasa. Patent LT5620 (B) ― 2009-12-28. THERMAL WEED KILLING METHOD AND DEVICE.
The invention is related to agriculture and can be used as thermal weeds killing method and device, for protecting cultivated plants from thermal killing. The aim of this invention is a weed killing method and device with cold foam protection, whichwould protect cultivated plants in the furrow from thermal killing while thermal killing of weeds by moist water steam is done. This aim is achieved by additionally fixed cold foam producing generator for cultivated plants coating by cold foam device on the mobile weed thermal killing device. Before thermal weed killing, the cold foam is distributed in the furrow on the cultivated plants and protects it from thermal killing.

Patent LT5972 (B). Brazdeikis Liudas. Patent LT5972 (B) ― 2013-11-25. METHOD FOR CONTROL OF AIR SUPPLY TO SOLID FUEL COMBUSTION CHAMBER.
Method for control air supply to solid fuel combustion chamber provides measurements of smoke temperature, chimney flue wall temperature and environmental temperature of chimney. New is the fact that these measurements treatment of the present invention follows the signal, which is generally by functional connection and in partial cases by linear dependence is associated with a real supply air flow to combustion chamber. This according to the results of measurements formed signal used as a feedback signal in the regulation of the air supply to the combustion chamber.

Patent US 8,297,104 B2. Padgurskas Juozas, Andriušis Albinas. United States Patent US 8,297,104 B2 , Oct. 30, 2012 Device for measuring the influence of friction force on the wear characteristics of material surface / Inventors: J. Padgurskas, A. Andriusis. 20121130. 7 lap. [Pat. Nr.: LT 5624 B].
A device for the measurement of the influence of friction force on the wear characteristics of a material surface comprises a frame with a cover. A shaft is installed in the frame. A moveable element of a friction pair is fixed oh the shaft. A holder of a pressed element of the friction pair and a clamp which applies a regulated load on the holder with the pressed friction element are installed in the cover. The holder of the pressed friction element is installed in a holder frame with first membranes which allow the motion only perpendicular to the axis of holder frame. The holder-frame is installed in the cover also with second membranes that allow it to move only in its axial direction. The system of the membranes damps the impact of inertial forces on the friction pair.