Prototypes | VDU Žemės ūkio akademija


Experimental equipment of conservation strip-tillage (2013). Prototype of experimental strip-tillage equipment consist of the frame with attached to it plant residue disc row cleaners, shoe coulter, loosening disc plates with trimmed blade. Disc row cleaner of equipment is cleaning plant residues from the surface of cultivated soil strip, shoe coulter loosens strip deeply, and the disc plates with trimmed blade shallowly. It is preventing working parts from clogging by plant residues, solving environmental problems, reducing energy input.

New light liquid separators (2013). Jointly with JSC “Eneka” new light liquid separators prototypes with efficiency of 15 l / s and 50 l / s were developed and tested, in which the quantity of filtration material was reduced twice in comparison with analogues SEPKO 15 and SEPKO 50. However, the efficiency of the cleaning of oil products from waste water did not suffer and satisfy regulatory requirements (5 mg / l).

A new generation flotator (2012). Prototype was developed, in which wastewater is saturated with nano-sized air bubbles, using DynaSwirl nano bubble generator. Using this method, up to 1.5 times increases the oxygenation capability that is especially important for waste water aeration systems. This phenomenon allows to significantly reduce waste of electricity consumption used for aeration.

Optimal microclimate formation system in cowsheds (2012). Designed for cold cowsheds. Comprising: the intensity of the ventilation control system;  model of ventilation channel area regulation depending on air temperature outside.

Plants (grasses) drying technology with solar energy (2011). Mobile medicinal-aromatic herbs drying room. Drying agent is heated by combining two different types of solar panels.

Microprocessor controller of ventilation system of agricultural products storage  (2009). Designed for storehouses of agricultural products. Creates an optimum microclimate for storing room.

Shellow river flow kinetic energy conversion mobile power plant (2009). Shallow river flow kinetic energy conversion is based on the hydraulic engine element dynamic interaction with the flow of water. Energy is taken from flow through the surface, on which is placed a tape moving at a lower rate than the speed of flow and energy is converted to mechanical energy of scroll bar motion.

Running water power plant with pendulum blades (2009). The devices change water flow energy into mechanical or electrical energy.