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Experimental Station

Experimental station

The experimental station was established for the University teachers, researchers, doctoral students, and graduate students to conduct research- and subject-related activities and implement production and commercial operations of the station. The station hosts more than 50 field experiments annually in the priority areas of agricultural sciences, features about 3 thousand experimental fields, and serves as a 150 ha repository for the plant, crop rotation collections and intercrops that are updated on an annual basis. The station equipped with modern field and laboratory equipment contributes to the annual output of 60-80 research and science popularization publications, 1-2 Doctoral dissertations, about 50 Bachelor’s, 20-30 Master’s theses, over 750 hours of training practice classes in various disciplines.

Functions of the Experimental Station

  1. To create conditions for the University researchers to conduct fundamental and applied research in agriculture;
  2. To spread the innovations in agricultural science and technologies;
  3. To create favorable conditions and possibilities for the experiment owners to use the station equipment, laboratories, machinery and facilities as well as assistance by the auxiliary staff;
  4. To provide technical and teaching aid to the students, provide them with the conditions to learn agricultural technologies and pursue training practice at the Experimental Station;
  5. To provide support to the University researchers by holding experiment visits, field days, conferences, seminars, consultations at the Experimental Station;
  6. To participate in the Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral research and education processes;
  7. To provide consultations to the agriculture specialists, farmers.

Main fields of the interdisciplinary research at the Experimental Station:

  1. Sustainability of the agricultural ecosystems, soil resources and preservation, optimization of mineral nutrient delivery to plants.
  2. Mitigation and adaptation of the climate change effect on the agricultural ecosystems.
  3. Research of oilseed rape agrocenosis, allelopathy and impact on the soil yield, optimization of technological parameters for oilseed rape and hybrid rape under the changing climate conditions.
  4. Optimization and ecologization of agricultural crop formation and germination conditions using agricultural measures.
  5. Research in growth, development and harvest formation of field and meadow plants.
  6. Research in the spread of harming factors, negative effect on yield, and protection measures.
  7. Improvement of Lithuania’s main commercial crops (sugar beet, wheat, oilseed rape) technologies for their competitiveness on the domestic and foreign markets.
  8. Agricultural engineering and economic substantiation of the precision farming measures, simplification of cultivation, zero tillage, stubble cropping in our agroclimatic conditions.
  9. Research in development alternative cropping systems and their effect on the agricultural ecosystems.


Director of the Experimental Station Prof. Dr habil.

Rimantas Velička

8 37 752 217
8 37 788 161

8 687 86019
Room 203

Engineer Žydrūnas Šiaučiulis 8 37 788 162

8 614 24965

Room 205

Head of Laboratory Assoc. Prof. Dr Lina Marija Butkevičienė 8 37 752 317

8 610 31649
216, 304

Senior laboratory technician Zenonas Obelienis 8 37 752 371

8 653 88387
Room 118

Senior laboratory technician Vida Norkienė 8 37 752 371

8 633 73475
Room 118

Operative employee Algimantas Daunoravičius 8 612 73468

Room 118

Tractor operator Vincas Kudirka 8 602 71816

Room 107

Tractor operator Virginijus Butkevičius 8 610 31675

Room 107

Tractor operator Kęstutis Janušauskas 8 603 50723

Room 107

Truck operator Raimondas Rakauskas 8 684 48081

Room 107

Truck operator Petras Rudys 8 689 19565

Room 107

Welder-turner Arvydas Barkauskas 8 601 41257

Room 107

Metal worker-service technician Saulius Kriaučeliūnas 8 37 752 371

Room 107



Correspondence address: Rapsų g. 7, Noreikiškės,
Kaunas district. LT-53361

Director: Prof. Dr habil. Rimantas Velička
Telephone: 8 37 752 217; 8 37 788 161;
8 687 86019, email: rimantas.velicka@vdu.lt