History | VDU Žemės ūkio akademija


History of VMU Agriculture Academy started in 1924. The first buildings of the University (at that time Academy) were in Dotnuva.

History of our higher school is inseparable from the history of Lithuania, therefore, all the dramatic changes in our country can be traced in it. The very first beginnings of higher agricultural education are related to the old Vilnius University where in the period of 1819-1832 the department of Agriculture (Agronomy) operated at the Physics-Mathematics Faculty.
After restructurization of the Agronomy – Forestry Department at the University of Lithuania (in Kaunas) and Dotnuva Agricultural College, the Agricultural Academy was established on September 3rd, 1924 in Dotnuva.
In July of the same year the Seimas approved the Statute of its establisment. The inaugural session was held on October 15th and this day is considered the date of the Academy establishment. The President A.Stulginskis appointed the first Council of professors, which elected the first rector of the Academy professor P.Matulionis. At that time situation in Lithuania was complicated and the Government could hardly support the newly established higher school.
Despite that the Academy developed and grew stronger, new generation of agricultural scientists formed. In the period of 1924 – 1937 125 graduates passed the final examinations and defended diploma theses. However, Soviet, Nazi and again Soviet occupations ruined the peaceful work. One of the most painful blows was the Soviet occupation followed by the genocide of the Lithuanian nation. Many of the professors and lecturers were deported to Siberian concentration camps and never returned. Others withdrew to Western countries.
In 1945 the Academy was transferred to Kaunas, to the premises of former Ministry of Agriculture in Kęstutis street. In the beginning of 1946 a part of Noreikiškės Soviet farm was given to the Academy for the purposes of industrial training of students. In the same year engineering faculties were established: faculty of Agricultural Mechanization and Faculty of Hydromelioration and Land Management. In 1947 the Academy finally settled in Kaunas.

As the number of students was increasing and Extramural department was established, the premises in Kaunas became incommodious. Besides, transportation of students to Training farm in Noreikiškės was problematic. Therefore, it was decided to build a new campus of Lithuanian Academy of Agriculture in Noreikiškės.
The connerstone of new buildings was laid on October 15th, 1957 and in 1964 the Academy was moved to the new campus.
The General extension plan of the Academy was approved in 1969 and, with partial changes, completed in 1989. The faculties of Water and Land Management and Economics with lecture-rooms and training laboratories were settled in the campus. Ministry of Forestry supported equipment of training forest division building. 9 dormitories and the Academy settlement, where most professors, docents, lecturers and personnel live nowadays, were built, training ground was equiped and Experimental station expanded.
The new system of studies was implemented in the Academy after reestablishment of Lithuanian independence. New qualification degrees – Bachelor, Certified specialist, Master – and new concepts – module, credit – were introduced. Fundamental theoretical subjects became the basis of studies and science. Applied studies were organized under the resolution of the Councils of Faculties. Thus, Lithuanian Academy of Agriculture became a higher school of University type, where research was developed and highly qualified specialists of agriculture, forest and water husbandry, able to solve theoretical and practical problems were trained.
Having completed various reorganizations and in co-operation with European universities the Academy personnel made a decision to change name of this higher school. Under the resolution of Parliament on October 8th, 1996, the name of Lithuanian Academy of Agriculture was changed to Lithuanian University of Agriculture.
Following the resolution of the LR Seimas on June 28th, 2011, Lithuanian University of Agriculture was granted the name of Aleksandras Stulginskis University.