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For business and society

One of the strategic goals of the of Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy (VMU AA) is close cooperation with business and society, providing scientific, training and consulting services, carrying out the dissemination of knowledge and innovations in the fields of social, natural, technological, agricultural sciences and related directions.

Research and expert services

VMU Agriculture Academy aims to promote scientific research and experimental projects of directions and interdisciplinary, sectoral, national and international partnerships between scientists, experts, consultants, farmers, communities, other associated structures, business and public sector institutions, in order to ensure the commercialization of scientific services, transfer of knowledge to business and society. VMU Agriculture Academy has 25 centers and laboratories of different scientific fields, where there are opportunities to research, create, develop and improve innovations together with scientists. VMU Agriculture Academy aims to create conditions that would allow to develop a responsible, creative society interested in agricultural innovations and thus create a more attractive agricultural sector.

Training and qualification development

VMU Agriculture Academy organizes and conducts qualification improvement trainings, conferences, free listener programs for public administration institutions, farmers, rural community organizations, local activity groups, non-governmental organizations, business entities, scientists, educators and students. The aim is for the society to be able to constantly improve, raise its competences, and obtain the latest scientific knowledge – this would encourage lifelong learning. The training is conducted by qualified specialists and VMU Agriculture Academy lecturers who have experience working in both the private and public sectors.

Expos and events

VMU Agriculture Academy aims to make agricultural innovations known not only in Lithuania, but also in foreign countries. It has organized more than 100 national and international exhibitions and other events. The international agricultural exhibition “Ką pasėsi…” is the most widely known in the Baltic States, its organizers are the Business and Social Partnership Center. More than 80,000 visitors not only from Lithuania, but also from neighboring countries, visit this exhibition every year. During exhibitions, visitors can not only make new connections, learn about innovations, but also participate in educational seminars led by highly experienced specialists.

Every year we cooperate with more than 50 business partners. We invite you to cooperate and create future solutions together!