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ERASMUS+ Traineeships

International traineeships provide students with an universal education, real-world experience, and help integrate into a modern, global, and dynamic labour market. The traineeship opens up a wide range of opportunities, helps to self-assess your studies in the context of your future career and broadens your CV. Vytautas Magnus University offers its students the widest selection of international internships.

Since 2008 with the help of  Erasmus+ traineeship programme, VMU students and recent graduates can do traineeships in various foreign organizations and companies. The main goal of this traineeship is to help the student to adapt to the requirements of the European Community labor market, to strengthen professional skills, to get acquainted and broaden the understanding of the economy, social system and culture of a particular country. Students and recent graduates can carry out a 2 – 6 months traineeship in any of the EU countries and in Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Serbia, Switzerland or North Macedonia.

Since 2016 VMU provides students with the opportunity to do a traineeship with a VMU mobility scholarship in any country across the globe (except for the EU and European Economic Area countries). Students can go for a 1 – 3 month traineeship at an organization of their choice.

ERASMUS+ TRAINEESHIP for outgoing students

More information:

Traineeships programme coordinator

Tomas Mickevičius
Phone +370 37 327 987