Scope | VDU Žemės ūkio akademija


University executes high level fundamental and applied research and experimental development correspondent to its mission and strategic goals, train researchers, participate in the national, regional and international scientific research programs and projects, collaborates with national and international partners.

The strategic scientific action lines and areas of expertise of  VMU Agriculture Academy include:

  • Development of agrobiotechnologies, assessment of plants genetic potential;
  • Climate change and improvement of environment conditions;
  • Bioenergy, chemical and biotechnological processes;
  • Sustainable agriculture and rural development;
  • Food safety and security;
  • Sustainable use of land, forest, water and energy resources.

These areas reflect the three-pillar system, namely, interlinking of natural sciences, technology and economics. Most of the research projects are carried out in the fields of agricultural and biomedical sciences; they include more than 50 percent of the annual scope of projects number; 35 percent in the field of technological sciences and 8 percent in the field of social sciences.

According to the Clarivate Analytics Web of Science database the most publications of the ASU scientists are assigned to Agriculture, Environment Sciences Engineering, Public Administration and other related to strategic research areas.

Scientists of the University are in close collaboration with colleagues from foreign institutions. Together they publish joint research results in scientific journals. Most of the publications are with scientists from Sweden, Poland, Latvia, Germany, Estonia and other countries.

The impact of the University on regional and national development is vividly expressed through the applied research addressed to the solution of actual problems experienced by the contracting authorities in these regions. Both business organizations, state and regional public administration institutions are contractors of applied research.