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Erasmus Days‘23 are about to start!

We hope you will be able to attend Erasmus Days, which will be held February 21-23. Our most knowledgeable employees will be available at prearranged times to answer questions and offer guidance as you decide where to study abroad for your Erasmus programme.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to learn about your peers’ experience and participate in a wide range of interesting and helpful activities.

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Three main advantages of going on Erasmus

Taking part in Erasmus can be a great way to learn about a new culture and improve your language skills, in addition to being useful for your academic and professional development. Your fellow students, who went to Spain and Portugal for their Erasmus exchange programmes are here to tell you all about it.

Erasmus+ experience as a language booster

“I started learning Spanish on the first year of studying at VMU and we all know the best way to improve it is being in a Spanish-speaking country. I chose Alicante city, because I knew that I would feel a Spanish atmosphere and culture more in a small city, rather than the capital”, said Alina Mutassova, a student of Economics and Finance.

Erasmus+ experience as a cultural immersion while you are learning 

“Selecting the Instituto Politécnico do Porto for my Erasmus experience was a no-brainer due to its esteemed reputation as one of Portugal’s leading technological universities. Being situated in Porto also granted me an opportunity for cultural immersion while I was learning. The school has a broad international community which created a warm atmosphere during my Erasmus exchange programme, making it easy to adapt quickly into the new environment”, said Vladyslav Ridko, a Bachelor student of Business Administration at VMU.

Erasmus+ experience as a taking on all challenges 

“Of course, like most exchange students, I encountered some difficulties during my Erasmus, such as finding accommodation, adapting to cultural differences, etc. However, these difficulties can also be a chance for you to grow and develop. Vanquishing these difficulties is an accomplishment that will bring great pride and reward when achieved. In addition, the support provided by the Erasmus programme as well as other international students, helped me to cope with all these challenges”, said Vladyslav Ridko, a Bachelor student of Business Administration at VMU.

“Another problem was that there are no dormitories in the city and it took some time to find a good room in the apartment with some other students (well there is actually one dormitory near the university, but it is a double price of the room in the apartment). I was searching for rooms through website and found one”, explained Alina Mutassova, a student of Economics and Finance.

“First half of the semester was me trying to get used the system, on first trial my grades were not so good and there are no retakes. I related more with local students in my class to ask for tips on how to cope, I was able to do better at the rest of the semester”, said Heritage Alabi, an Informatics student.

Submit your Erasmus application on time!

Check five different options for international mobility:

  • Erasmus+ studies (in EU/EEA countries). Submit your applications by 13 March 2023. For Music Academy students – by February 22.
  • VMU bilateral exchange and Erasmus+ studies (in non-EU/EEA countries). Submit your applications by 13 March 2023.
  • Erasmus+ traineeship (in all countries). Submit your applications by 28 February 2023.
  • Traineeship with VMU mobility scholarship (in non-EU/EEA countries). Submit your applications by 30 April 2023.
  • Short-term courses abroad. Submit your applications by the end of each month.

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