9th International and Interdisciplinary Symposium of the European Academy of Land Use and Development (EALD)


Landnutzung und Landentwicklung im Spannungsfeld zwischen ökologischer, sozialer und wirtschaftlicher Nachhaltigkeit


Institute of Land Management and Geomatics,

Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy

from 5th to 7th September 2019


The symposium aims to focus on strategies, tools and institutional arrangements of land management and land use planning in different spatial contexts, considering changing needs in order to promote sustainable development.

PRESENTATIONS will be held on 5th and 6th of September

The Institute of Land Management and Geomatics of Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy will organize the event.

EXCURSION, Saturday, September 7th, 2019

The excursion will look at Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park and Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Station.

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The presentations will be published together with those presented in Riga 2018. The papers will be peer-reviewed. Accepted symposium papers will be published in a book format. All authors will participate in the peer-review process reviewing at least two articles. This allows us to continue our book series. The volumes are also published as open access e-book

DEADLINE for registration 15th August 2019




For members and non-members: 140 €  (this fee also includes membership fee for year 2019 for current ordinary members, symposium lunches and refreshments);

For PhD students: is 100 €;

Conference dinner fee: 30 € (5th of September);

Excursion fee: 30 € (7th of September);

Please note: Speakers who have to withdraw their participation later than one month before the conference will be charged with 80% of the full registration fee.


To: European Academy of Land Use and Development

Details of payment: Symposium 2019

Account                                                         Bank address

EALD/BGS Geschaftsstelle                             Zurcher Kantonalbank

ZHAW-IUNR Bodenoekologie                         Postfach

Gruental                                                           8010 Zurich

8820 Waedenswil                                               Switzerland


IBAN-number: CH41 0070 0130 0082 4652 1

Swift code: ZKBKCHZZ80A

Please note: Deadline for bank transfer is 20th August.

During the spring detailed information about registration, payment, excursion, hotel accommodation etc. will be provided.

The final symposium’s programme will be sent to you at latest one month before the meeting. The Symposium will be combined with a General Assembly.


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Price usually vary according to the moment of reservation – the sooner the cheaper

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