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Matlab and Data Analysis Class offer for PhD students

VMU doctoral students are invited to attend the Matlab and Data Analysis Class, which is organised by one of the Transform4Europe alliance’s partners: Saarland University in Germany. The class, which has received a lot of positive feedback, aims to introduce students to the data analysis software Matlab. In order to work with it, students are not required to have programming knowledge. The only prerequisite is basic computer skills. Online registration is open until 31 March.

Matlab is:

  • A calculator for interactive calculations
  • A programming language that also provides complex functions with one command
  • A tool for simple and complicated calculations with large amounts of data
  • A platform to summarize and automate different steps of the data evaluation (e.g. read in data, summarize, statistically evaluate, create graphics and save)
  • A Swiss Army Knife for data analysis and simulations

Course contents:

  • Interactive calculations with Matlab
  • Automation for repeated tasks, e.g. the similar analysis of several data sets
  • Fundamentals of programming: functions, loops, if statements
  • Graphical representation of data/simulations/results
  • Basic statistics with Matlab
  • Import of data from files

Course dates:

  • Tuesday, June 13;
  • Thursday, June 15;
  • Tuesday, June 20;
  • Thursday, June 22.

The lectures will take place online on MS Teams from 3 PM until 7 PM (Lithuanian time, EEST time zone).

Participation in all four lectures is recommended because all provided material is important for further lessons. For this class, students are granted 1 ECTS credit point.

The first 10 students who register will be accepted to the courses. Online registration is open until 31 March. When registering, students are requested to use their university email.


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