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MBA Programme Customs Process Management – First on-site Session of a new Programme

Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy (VMU-AA) has launched an intensive online one-year MBA programme, Customs Process Management. The course is designed to prepare high-level managers for the customs industry in both business and the public sector. Associate Professor Erika Besusparienė states that the programme is ideally suited for individuals who aspire to become customs business leaders. The initial meeting of students and professors of the programme demonstrated that the students are enthusiastic to learn by embracing challenges and working together, whilst the professors are receptive to discussions and the dissemination of their knowledge.

First on-site meeting of a new programme

Director of Lithuanian Customs Practitioners Association, and the head of platform CustomsClear Enrika Naujokė highlights the complexity of managing customs processes, emphasizing the need for expertise and focused attention. “I am greatly appreciative of Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy (VMU-AA) for initiating this programme, and I am extremely proud as well. To the students embarking on this programme this year, I wish success and a truly enjoyable learning experience. Thank you to everyone, particularly the lecturers who generously share their expertise and insights”, commented Enrika Naujokė.

Chancellor of Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy, Prof. Dr. Astrida Miceikienė, warmly welcomed all participants of the meeting, expressing her sincere support for the programme. The primary concept, proposed by Enrika Naujokė, reflects the importance of customs processes and international trade in our increasingly globalized world. I hope that your study process encompasses not only research and lectures, but also offers an enjoyable time spent with good friends, inspiring ideas, and excellent results“, said Prof. Dr. Astrida Miceikienė.

The dean of the Faculty of Bioeconomy Development, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bernardas Vaznonis, congratulated students and professors on the start of a new academic year and expressed his delight at the establishment of this study programme. He wished the students engaging and rewarding studies which will prove vital not only for their careers but for their future competencies also. The dean advised students to take full advantage of being a part of a motivated group of students alongside the assistance of helpful teachers. Additionally, I extend sincere thanks to Enrika Naujokė for initiating this study programme and for organising this meeting of students and teachers, especially considering that future studies will be conducted online. Thus, this meeting provides a significant opportunity to acquaint ourselves with one another, to introduce ourselves, and to gain insight into forthcoming tasks,” noted Associate Professor Dr. Bernardas Vaznonis.

Head of the Department of Applied Economics, Finance and Accounting, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dalia Juočiūnienė, expressed her delight to see all the professors and students. We are pleased that you have successfully enrolled in this study programme, Customs Process Management. You already know what you want to achieve with this course and what your goals are. Very briefly, I would like to take a moment to express my sincere hope that after this year, you will be able to confidently say that the decision to study here was one of the best decisions of your life. I wish you all the very best,” said Associate Professor Dr. Dalia Juočiūnienė.

Programme for future leaders in the customs business

Associate professor of VMU-AA dr. Erika Besusparienė suggests that the MBA study programme Customs Process Management is intended for individuals who want to seek a career or be leaders in the customs business. “Currently, this is the first MBA study programme in the field of customs knowledge in Lithuania, perhaps even in the European context. In general, master’s studies in the field of customs are faced with two challenges – in some countries, studies are conducted in the national language of the country; in others countries, the customs field is only touched upon as a specialization”, says dr. Erika Besusparienė.

Director of Lithuanian Customs Practitioners Association and , and the head of platform CustomsClear , Enrika Naujokė pays attention that it is symbolic that the study programme starts in a year when the World Customs Organization’s traditional theme for the year is knowledge sharing. This reflects the growing importance of the customs field and knowledge. Academic programmes in the field of customs are relatively recent, so the emergence of this new international programme is very timely.

The field itself is very complex – customs controls cover not only customs legislation but also so-called non-customs legislation. “Customs is on the “front lines” of ensuring that only safe, compliant products enter the market and that the required taxes are duly paid. In addition, today we are all aware of export controls and sanctions, which are also the responsibility of customs. Last but not least, on the Green Deal, customs will play an important role in ensuring that environmentally friendly products enter the markets. Effective controls start with knowledge, which is equally necessary for businesses to ensure that goods do not get stuck at the border or run into problems later on during a customs audit”, observes Enrika Naujokė.