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MIC 2024 Invites Scholars to Explore Next Generation Challenges

The Transform4Europe university alliance invites lecturers and researchers to participate in the 23rd Management International Conference titled Next Generation Challenges: Innovation, Regeneration and Inclusion, which will be held on 5-8 June 2024 in Trento, Italy. The conference is organised by the University of Primorska in partnership with the University of Trieste. The abstract submission deadline is 29 March.

The MIC 2024 conference aims to explore the next generation challenges facing different industries, sectors and fields, with a particular focus on fostering innovation, building resilience, promoting regeneration and ensuring inclusivity – it is open to all contributions that address the next generation challenges. The conference also aims to bring together academics, professionals, and experts from management, economics, human resource management, organizational studies, finances, accounting, and other related fields, while providing a unique platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

As always, MIC 2024 welcomes researchers to join the conference community, share their expertise and experience, provide new empirical evidence and engage in theoretical discussions.

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