The visit to Cady Ayyad was organized as a result of close cooperation while preparing, consulting and leading to Master thesis defence students from Cady Ayyad university. The topics of Master students‘ thesis were linked with the development of cultural communication competence and foreign language teaching and learning didactics. This introductory educational work inspired the topics for the Erasmus+ visit classes which might be relevant to Cady Ayyad students as the teaching material was connected with the issues that Marroco students were analysing in Lithuania. The major topics were revealing culture studines, emancipation of speaking, development of critical thinking via didactical systems such as Problem based learning, clasroom flipping, debate sessions and other active learning methods.

The whole visit was supervised by professor of Cady Ayyad Faculty of Letters and Humanities dr. Hanane El Aissi. The visit was well planned. All theoretical classes and workshops (8 hours in general) were based on collaboration and team teaching. The most impressive thing was that numerous multicultural audience of students were motivated, willing to take an active participation in discussions and debated on multiculturality. At the end of the teaching visit students presented their written reflections on their attitudes towards multiculturality and emancipated speaking.

The presented reflections will serve as a research data for future common multiculturality investigation of prof dr. Hanane El Aissi and assoc. prof. dr. Nijolė Čiučiulkienė. There are planned mutual research papers based on comparative analysis of Marrocian and Lithuanian students‘ attitudes towards emancipation.

During planned staff meetingd there was a possibility to meet prof. Abderrahim Benali, other collegues and to discuss the possibilities of future cooperation.

Cultural programme was very rich and intensive as well. During cultural programme prof dr. Hanane El Aissi organized several tours around the country and Marrakesh city where it was possible to see traditional historical cultural monuments, to observe local traditions and festivals.

The experience of the visit is very unique, providing a lot of new ideas and insights, that will influence the quality of my future teaching and research.

Cady Ayyad classrooms. Students have left, and university clasrooms look like Lithuanian.