Secondment in the Russian State Agrarian University

Professor Jonas Čaplikas, PhD, of VMU Agriculture Academy, Business and Rural Development Research Institute, visited the Russian State Agrarian University – Moscow K. A. Timiryazev Agricultural Academy through ERASMUS + program from the 13th to the 17th of May. During the visit, the professor gave a lecture on the Strategic Development of Agrobusiness for students of the Faculty of Economics and Finance, discussed healthy and high-quality food policy in the European Union and Russia with the students of the Faculty of Technologies, participated in the academic readings in the name of the famous Russian economist, Nikolay Kondratyev, who formerly taught at the university and who was a pioneer in the theory of cycle economics, “long waves”, for identifying the main qualities of the “sixth wave”. Prof. J. Čaplikas is a member of the board and expert of the Agency for Accreditation of Agrarian Profile Study Programs in Russia. Therefore, during the visit, he met with the management of this agency and discussed the emerging issues of study accreditation and possible solutions.