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The visit of Lithuanian partners to Turkey

The Faculty of Agriculture of Eskişehir Osmangazi University (ESOGU) in Turkey was visited by the researchers from Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy (VMU AA) and Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) as a part of the cooperation project entitled “Investigating New Partnerships Between Lithuania and Turkey: Building around Bioeconomy and the EU Green Deal” on 22-26 November, 2021. The Lithuanian team consisted of researchers from VMU AA and KTU, as well as agri-business and agricultural advisory representatives.

The project aimed at building the understanding of the context of the EU Green Deal with particular attention to bioeconomy in agriculture and food sectors, searching for possible partnerships between Lithuania and Turkey through project activities. In this context, the visit had a two-fold goal: to participate with presentations in the workshop “Bioeconomy and European Green Deal Workshop” and to learn about the activities of the Faculty of Agriculture of ESOGU and ATAP (Anatolian Technology Research Park (ATAP).

The first working day (23 November) in Eskisehir was dedicated to meeting with the Dean and project team at the Faculty of Agriculture and  the academic staff of the Faculty. During this event, all departments of the Faculty of Agriculture were presented with the main focus placed on research, active projects, and possibilities of collaboration.

In the afternoon of 23 November, the Lithuanian team visited the ATAP. Dr. Sedat TELCEKEN, the general manager of the ATAP, shared information about activities of ATAP, established companies, resources, and R&D. The Eskisehir Design and Innovation Center (EDIC) was introduced to all the visitors by Dr. Kastytis Gečas, a Lithuanian and the project team leader who is currently leading the team of consultants in the foundation and service development of the EDIC. The Lithuanian visitors enjoyed all the discussions and information related to the ATAP.

In the morning of 24 November, the workshop “Bioeconomy and European Green Deal Workshop” took place at the modern hall of the Faculty of Agriculture, gathering  researchers, representatives of agri-bussiness sector, and policy-makers.

The workshop was opened with welcome speeches by Prof Dr. Yusuf Ersoy Yıldırım,  the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, ESOGÜ and Pro. Dr. Astrida Miceikienė, Chancellor of Agriculture Academy, VMU AA,  Rūta Hanagasi, a representative from the Lithuanian Embassy to Turkey, and Prof Dr. Rıfat Edizkan, Vice Rector of ESOGÜ. Prof. Dr. Handan Giray, the project leader, introduced the project activities, aim, and goals. Her colleague Assoc. Prof. Utku Avcı then made an overview of the Green Deal. The first part of the workshop was ended by presentation by Adil Yüksel Perkin, Ahmet Berkay Bulutcu (DG EU and Foreign Relations, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry), who spoke about what had been done for the Green Deal in Turkey so far.

After the coffee break, Lithuanian team made their scientific contribution in the context of bioeconomy and the Green Deal. Dr. Laura Girdžiūtė, Head of the Innovation Support Service of the Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service (LAAS), and researchers from VMU AA Prof Dr. Astrida Miceikienė and Assoc. Prof Dr. Anastasija Novikova presented good practice of cooperation between the Lithuanian institutions in developing the bioeconomy in Lithuania: the cases of VMU and LAAS. Service Development Manager at UAB Baltic Agro Machinery Assoc. Prof Dr. Antanas Juostas and Prof Dr. Egidijus Šarauskis, VMU AA, presented the scientific and practical experience in artificial intelligence in agriculture. Assoc. Prof Dr. Zita Kriaučiūnienė, VMU AA, also a Member of the European Commission Mission Board Soli Health and Food, introduced the audience to the role of the European Mission Soil Health and Food in achieving Green Deal and UN-SDGs. The last presenter from VMU AA, Assoc. Prof Dr. Anželika Dautartė, spoke about increasing climate ambitions focusing on ecosystems and biodiversity. The colleagues from KTU, Dr. Alvija Šalaševičienė and Aelita Zabulionė held discussion on the topic “Food as Preventative Measure? From Nutrient Profiles till Restriction of Nutrition and Health Claims on Food” and highlighted the challenges and lessons learned of designing meat analogues.

25 November was the last working day of the project partners. The steering committee of the project met to sum up all activities during the project and drafted the plans for future collaboration.

The project is funded under the Lithuanian Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Programme