Training visit at Centre for Biorobotics

On 27-31 May 2019 junior researcher Egidijus Kasiulis from Institute of Water Resources Engineering at Faculty of Water and Land Management visited Centre for Biorobotics at Tallinn University of Technology with Erasmus+ training visit. During the visit E. Kasiulis met with Environmental Sensing and Intelligence research group, which leader Jeffrey A. Tuhtan presented the premises and laboratories of the Center and introduced to their research topics and their inventions that are used for environmental studies in rivers, seas, lakes and glaciers (e.g. underwater video camera with software that can recognize fish species and can be used for fishways monitoring; sensors that can travel through hydropower plants to measure what impact could be done to migrating fish by turbines and hydraulic structures). E. Kasiulis during his visit also participated in field work, where research group tested their newest invention – SmartGeoParticle which will be used for classification of the rivers and ecosystems analysis. The data gathered with SmartGeoParticle across the globe will be an open source in designated Wiki page. There are plans in the future to make measurements with this newest invention and in Lithuanian rivers. At the end of the visit E. Kasiulis presented his research topics to the Environmental Sensing and Intelligence research group. Afterwards there was a discussion on future collaboration opportunities.