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Research is carried out by institutes of faculty

The Institute of Environment and Ecology provides high-level research and experimental developments in the fields of ecology and environmental science, environmental engineering, chemical engineering, agronomy and forestry. It prepares high level scientists in ecology and environmental areas; participates in environmental engineering, agronomy and forestry PhD study process.

Institute of Forest Management and Wood Science research fields:

  • Forest policy, economy and forest enterprise management (4 research projects during last 5 years, result –recommendations for forest policy makers)
  • Forest Yield and Growth modeling (2 research projects during last 5 years Main result – stochastic models for tree and stand yield and growth).
  • Remote sensing & GIS (New technologies like satellite images, LiDAR, aerophotogrametry (5 applied research projects during 5 last years))
  • Improving forest management approaches (2 ongoing projects:)
  • Forest health Monitoring (main result – permanent monitoring of protective areas, leadership at our University in publications with Impact Factor)
  • Forest logging technologies  (2 research projects during 5 last years)

Institute of Forest Biology and Silviculture research fields: ecological aspects of forest regeneration and stand’s optimisation; biological and economical  efficiency shelterwood fellings; biology of forest birds and animals; forest ecosystem disturbances; molecular and evolutionary genetics of forest tree and game populations; genetic imrovement and conservation of forest tree populations; bio-diversity in forestry technology for seedlings and transplants production;  forest recreation; game and wildlife management and conservation.
Laboratory of Game Management

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