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Information for outgoing ERASMUS students

Selection of students

Application procedure to participate in ERASMUS programme. Students wishing to participate in the programme have to fill application internet system: https://epasirasymas.vdu

→ Outgoing-Application for Erasmus Study Exchange (EU countries)

before the 15th March of current year.

Criteria of final selection of students to the programme until 25th March of current year:

a) minimum one year of studies finished at home university in the same area before leaving abroad under the ERASMUS programme;

b) not exceeding of 12 months of studies and internship abroad under ERASMUS programme;

c) sufficient knowledge of foreign language;

d) level of study results at VMU.

It is allowed to go abroad for ERASMUS studies (3-12 months) or training (2-12 months) several times, but the total period of studies and training abroad should not exceed 12 months in each study level (BSc, MSc and PhD levels).

Preparation for studies abroad

Study plans. To fulfil the ERASMUS applications and Learning Agreements students should find the study subjects and timetables of courses in corresponding universities. The brochures of some universities with information about ERASMUS studies and study subjects are available in VMU-AA library in Central building. Other information may be found in web-sites of partner universities which are presented in ERASMUS web-sites of VMU-AA (see bellow).

Required and useful documentsStudents have to prepare Online Learning Agreement. To fill in the Learning Agreement form, students have to register on the ONLINE LEARNING AGREEMENT platform by following the link and by using his / hers VMU credentials (VMU official email address), then he / she will be able to fill an online form of the document. After providing all the required information, student must sign it. After signing, the specified coordinators (whose contact details you have provided) will receive requests to sign the document (first VMU coordinator, later host institutions’)

The codes which could be required at the preparation of Learning Agreement.

English language certificate, which could be required applying to some universities. It should be confirmed by Department of Languages (3rd building, Room 608, phone: +370 37 752 390).

Transcript of Records (study results) should be received from host university after the ERASMUS study period. The forms of transcripts are available at ERASMUS+ Learning agreement (part After the Mobility).

Information on European credit transfer system – ECTS users guide.

ERASMUS code of Vytautas Magnus University:  LT KAUNAS01

PIC code of Vytautas Magnus University:  999590627

OID code of Vytautas Magnus University: E10207994

Impotant information for VMU outgoing exchange students.

Financial information

ERASMUS+ studies and placements grants and financial agreements for students of VMU-AA (students have firstly fill-in handwritten form and the financial agreement will be prepared by VMU-AA Unit of International Cooperation Department)

Group of countries

Country ERASMUS grant for studies, EUR/month ERASMUS grant for placement, EUR/month

ERASMUS financial agreement

Group   I Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Norway



Data form for the student financial agreementt

Group II Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Netherlands, Malta, Portugal



Group III Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Turkey



REMARK: Grants are applied for study years 2021/2022. Grant is transferred to the Lithuanian card account of the student. The first higher part (80 %) is transferred before the student’s departure. Final payment is made when the student will return and present all requested documents of ERASMUS studies abroad.

The annexes of ERASMUS financial agreement with the student:

Annex I. ERASMUS+ Learning agreement to be made before studies abroad.

Annex II. General conditions.

Annex III. Erasmus Student Charter.

Other obligatory documents:

Statement of study period issued by the Accepting Institution confirming study period abroad.

Application for study or placement period abroad in frame of ERASMUS programme.


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