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Areas of Scientific Activities

The Institute of Agricultural and Food Science research fields and topics:

  • The growing, quality, storage and processing of fruits’, berries’ and vegetables’;
  • Organic vegetable raw materials, products and their quality;
  • The modelling of flowers’ decorativeness;
  • The assessment studies of field and meadow plant growth, yield formation, selection material and creation of varieties and their genetic potential;
  • The use of growth regulators for increasing of field crop productivity and quality improving;
  • The nutritional optimization and analysis of genetic resources in animal husbandry.

The Institute of Agroecosystems and Soil Science research fields and topics:

  • Sustainability of agroecosystems and ecological intensification;
  • Soil resources and conservation;
  • Optimisation of plant nutrition;
  • Investigation of agrocenoses of rapeseed and other agricultural crops;
  • Climate change and agroecosystems: impact, adaptation, and mitigation.

The Institute’s of Biology and Plant Biotechnology research fields and topics:

  • Breeding and micro-propagation of ornamental plants; chlorophyll fluorescence and environmental stress;
  • Crop and grain contamination with fungi; seed treatments; faunistic research in entomology (basically in Coleoptera); species composition of nematodes;
  • Racial structure of bee populations; bee over-wintering conditions; bee diseases; nectarity of plants; protection of agricultural plants against pests and diseases; forest protection against pests and diseases; successions of entomocomplexes in forests. 
  • Agro ecosystem sustainability and ecological intensification;
  • Increase of plant genetic potential in coherence with the environment;
  • Development of environment and resource conserving and competitive agro technologies;
  • Development of safe food and raw materials for innovative industrial production. 

Fundamental and applied research in the fields:

  • sustainability of agroecosystems and ecological extension;
  • increase of plant genetic potential in harmony with the environment;
  • development of environment and resource conserving and competitive agrotechnologies;
  • development of raw materials suitable for safe food and innovative industrial products.