About Faculty

Dean’s Word

On 1 January 2019, the Faculty of Economics and Management of ASU turned a new page in its history and continues its operations as the Faculty of Bioeconomy Development.

Today, we:

  • are the first in Lithuania in development and research in the science of bioeconomy;
  • have the leading researchers dedicated to development of strategic solutions for business development and policy making in bioeconomy;
  • deliver unique study programmes centred on one of the key areas of bioeconomy – agriculture and regional development;
  • prepare highly qualified, professional experts in policy making for agriculture and regional development, holding sufficient competence to create own business;
  • develop close relations with bioeconomy business leaders and authorities;
  • conclusively claim that, to live in harmony with the nature, the society needs to shift from the fossil-fuel based economy to a bio-based economy, which must be developed with the view towards sustainable growth of the country. 

I would like to invite you to embrace the opportunities offered by our Faculty of Bioeconomy Development, situated in the environmentally-friendly campus of the VMU Agriculture Academy. You will have access to the research- and practice-based education, develop the skills of critical interdisciplinary thinking, integrated problem solving, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Our researchers, experts, teachers working continuously on the innovations and their implementation are ready to consult, provide guidance on addressing the relevant bioeconomy-related issues, developing partnership in the national and international projects, creating value-added products, and moving towards common synergy.