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Faculty Activities

In light of the growing global population, challenges caused by the climate change, depleting underground deposits, the world is turning its focus to bioeconomy development based on the growing demand for qualified specialists holding respective skills and competences and capable of becoming the driver of bioeconomy.

The Faculty of Bioeconomy Development is one of the largest faculties at the VMU Agriculture Academy, leading in research and education related to bioeconomy development, sustainable regional and rural development, uniting the community of students, researchers, business, authorities, and public for implementation of the Faculty mission and vision.

Activities of the Faculty of Bioeconomy Development are based on the regulations of studies, the regularly updated policy of the quality of studies, the Bioeconomy Strategy of the European Commission (2018), the provisions of the Lithuanian Bioeconomy Development Feasibility Study (2017) implemented by the Faculty researchers

The Faculty of Bioeconomy Strategy has 3 divisions: the Research Institute for Bioeconomy, the Business and Rural Development Research Institute, and the Entrepreneurship Laboratory.

The Faculty of Bioeconomy Development:

  • delivers quality studies;
  • conducts scientific, applied research;
  • provides expert, training services;
  • develops partnerships with the bioeconomy business leaders and authorities;
  • cooperates with foreign researchers in research and project activities;
  • explores the research-based value-added synergy in bioeconomy-related activities, sustainable regional and rural development;
  • raises awareness in the public and global academia about the results of the conducted research, ongoing projects;
  • shares the good practice at the international scientific-practical conferences, discussions.

The Faculty of Bioeconomy Development is committed to creation of the sustainable environment for education, research, work, and development of entrepreneurship, boosting the creativity of the community. The studies are delivered at the Faculty by the professional team of researchers, teachers and experts who are dedicated to continuous improvement and creation of the knowledge. Business and public sector representatives/practitioners are welcomed by the Faculty to share their