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International projects:

  • Horizon 2020 „ Advancing Sustainable Circular Bioeconomy in Central and Eastern European countries“ (2019 – 2022, prof. dr. Vlada Vitunskienė)
  • Erasmus+  Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness „A digital learning platform for generation Z: passport to IFRS“ (2021-2023, lect. dr. Erika Besusparienė, lect. Aušra Nausėdienė)
  • Erasmus+ Coronavirus response: Extraordinary Erasmus+ calls to support digital education readiness and creative skills   project “Pandemic Response Using Digital Media and Technology in Higher Education and Training (PRUDMET)(2021 – 2023, lect. Aistė Čapienė)
  • Erasmus + KA205 project RURALYOUTH „Empowering Rural Tourism through Entrepreneurship with Youth“ (2020 – 2022, assoc. prof. dr. Rasa Pranskūnienė)
  • Erasmus + project RuralCOM „Joint Master’s Curriculum in Rural Community Development“ (2020 – 2022, assoc. prof.  dr. Rasa Pakeltienė)
  • ERASMUS+ New Master’s Degree Curricula for Sustainable Bioeconomy in Uzbekistan (BioEcUz) (2021–2023, prof. dr. Vilija Aleknevičienė)  
  • Interreg “Unlocking the Potential of Bio-based Value Chains in the Baltic Sea Region” (BalticBiomass4Value)” (2019 – 2021, Virginija Kargytė)
  • Project under the International Academic Partnership Programme announced by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) „The role of small family farms in sustainable development of agri-food sector in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe” (2019 ­­– 2021, prof. dr. Vlada Vitunskienė)
  • COST Action “Safety Culture and Risk Management in Agriculture” (2017- 2021, assoc. prof. dr. Laura Girdžiūtė)|Name:overview
  • COST Action “Increasing Understanding of Alien Species through Citizen Science (ALIEN-CSI)” (2018 – 2022, assoc. prof. dr. Lina Straigytė, lect. dr. Rasa Pranskūnienė)
  • Erasmus+ KA203 project SMARTRURAL „Towards smart rural tourism development in Europe“ (2019 – 2021, dr. Rasa Pranskūnienė) 
  • Erasmus + KA2 project MARHER („Heritage Marketing for competitiveness of Europe in the global market“) (2019 – 2022, assoc. prof. dr. Rasa Pranskūnienė) 
  • Erasmus+ MIENAT Strategic Partnership in Higher Education project “Methodology of Interpretation of European Nature Heritage in Tourism”  (2020-2022, assoc. prof. dr. Rasa Pranskūnienė)

National projects:

  • Recommendations for  methodology of dairy farms sustainability assessment (2020, assoc. prof. dr. Jolita Greblikaitė)
  • Methodological provisions for project innovation assessment (2020 – 2021, prof. dr. Antanas Maziliauskas)
  • Calculation of the fixed prices of consultation services under implementation of Rural Development Programme for Lithuania 2014–2020, measure „Advisory services, farm management and farm relief services” (From 2018, prof. dr. Astrida Miceikienė)
  • EIP Project “Governance of biologically valuable products short supply chains and local markets development”(2019 – 2021, prof. dr. Vilma Atkočiūnienė)
  • Project according to the measure  „Intelektas“ (Common reseach-bussiness projects) „Collaboration platform for agricultural actors“ (2018-2021, prof. dr. Jan Žukovskis)


  • Research of alternatives for accounting and cost calculation of agribusiness entities (2019 06 11 – 2019 12 01, prof. dr. Danutė Zinkevičienė)
  • Strategic provisions of Lithuanian bioeconomy (2019 06 11 ¬2019 12 01, prof. dr. Vlada Vitunskienė)
  • Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnerships SOILS “Sustainability of Small and Family Farms” (2016 – 2019, prof. dr. Vilma Atkočiūnienė)
  • EIP Project “Soil Moisture Regime Control” (2016-2019, prof dr. Vilija Aleknevičienė)
  • EIP Project “Centre for Knowledge Accumulation, Transfer, Development of Agricultural Technologies and their Demonstration (Gate of Innovations)” (2016 – 2019, prof. dr. Astrida Miceikienė)
  • EIP Project “Competitive Farm” (2016 – 2019, lect. dr. Jurgita Baranauskienė)